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Types of sponsorships on YouTube

There are three main types of YouTube sponsorships we can use to monetize your channel.

-Product sponsorships: are when a brand sends you a free product to review.

-Affiliate sponsorships: an affiliate marketing arrangement, you get a special link or code to a product. If someone uses that link, you earn a commission on that sale.

-Paid YouTube sponsorships: the highest level of YouTube sponsorship. In a paid sponsorship, you promote a product or service on your channel in exchange for payment.

For your YouTube Channel we would be interested in pitching it to brands for 

Paid YouTube sponsorships with link tracking software  capabilities attached to the  Brand URL.

here are some examples of youtube videos with Paid YouTube sponsorships

Paid ad starts at 2:24 min

Paid ad starts at 0.03min

Paid ad starts at 0.03min

Paid ad starts at 21.42min

Seeing as you have a high volume of shorter length videos, We would make the sponsorship video length around 10 seconds to 20 seconds long with the sponsorship video appearing either  around the midpoint or  at the end of your videos.


Seeing as you release a large number of videos every month, we can offer sponsorships placements to brands either on:

weekly slots ( where 1 brand will get a short placement on each video that you release in 7-day time frame



Monthly slots ( where 1 brand will get a short placement on each video that you release in 30-day time frame

contract obligations:

We respect your channel mobility so this would be a flexible non-exclusive contract, our goal is to allocate Brand sponsors for the midpoint and endpoint segments of your videos and your obligation would be to deliver the videos with the sponsored content for the chosen Time slot.

Payment and Commission:

Different brands have different payout cycles. Brands will generally pay either:

- Full upfront before the campaign

-50/50 milestones, half before the campaign and half after the campaign

-Full payment after the campaign

Yorke Management fees are 20% and are also project-based.

e.g. The Brand pays $10,000 for a monthly slot.


You receive : $ 8,000

Yorke Management receives: $2,000

The benefits of signing with Yorke Management are that we have a professional team fully dedicated to daily cold outreach with Brands.

Our goal is to make sure your channel videos are fully monetized with sponsors annually. We handle the initial brand discovery, Pitching, Service and product security checks, negotiating, script writing, content creating assistance

We understand as content creators, the role requires you to juggle different skillsets.

We want to help you fully monetize your channel so you can focus more on your creative process and growth.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reply to this email.

Kind Regards,

Yorke Management

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