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We are a family of 6 who lost our son Miloh to SIDS at just 5 months old. After losing him, we realized we had little to no video footage of our daily interactions with him, and that’s a regret we will have the rest of our lives. After creating our YouTube channel, our goal has been to capture even just a few moments each day to keep the memories of our children alive forever! We have 6 year old identical twins boys, Simon & Cohen. Our little Miloh was born just 18 months later, and then in 2017 we were blessed with our 4th son Ezrah! Thomas (dad) is a pro MMA fighter, and Ashley (mom) has been a network marketing professional for the past 5 years. .

YouTube Channel age: 10


Subscribers: 246k

Views since channel inception: 27,560,855 views

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