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Waleska Harrera 



Waleska and Efra Herrera are a sister-brother YouTuber duo based in London,
United Kingdom. Born in Venezuela, two siblings took part in the entertainment
industry very young. With passion and interest in music, Waleska and Efra had a
successful career on television and performances in Venezuela. Their strong chemistry
as siblings led them to host a popular children’s television show Consejitos for four
consecutive seasons. Even after their family moved to the United Kingdom when both
were teenagers, their passion for music and entertainment did not stop. Currently, they
perform together as a singer and a drummer, respectively, and since late 2019 they host
a podcast called Feature Friday (viewable on YouTube and playable on Apple Music
and Spotify) where they react to and talk about music, culture, and entertainment.

YouTube top 1% Channel

240.6M+  views since channel inception

YouTube Channel age:

3 Years



Views per month: 

12.4 Million

Views since inception: 

240.6 Million

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